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Kitchen Countertops In Ottawa: A Basic Summary of Popular Options

For several residents of Ottawa, their kitchen is easily the main room within their home. And many real-estate professionals concur that the finest means to enhance or increase the property value of the house would be to remodel your kitchen. The four important parts of the kitchen remodel generally include installing new floorings, replacing the main appliances, replacing or refacing the kitchen cupboards, and installing a fresh countertop. Let us focus on that closing element – replacing your present kitchen countertop materials with a brand-new one. Most customers in Ottawa chose these natural stone countertops which are becoming much more popular due to the reasonable cost.

Normally, it entails more than simply running off to the shop to choose a fresh countertop for your own kitchen. You will first have to consider how much you wish to spend. In addition, you should consider how long and effort you’ll have to invest to preserve your countertop. Finally, you’ll wish to seriously think about the fashion and look you would like in your kitchen. Whatever kind of counter top you install, it’ll be the focus of the whole room.

The initial kind of countertop that pops in the head of every concerned kitchen renovator is granite. However, there are lots of countertop materials to select from – and granite is just one of these.


Let us begin with popular: granite. Granite counter-tops are definitely the costliest but also truly the hottest. Why? Aside from the surface, granite is exceptionally heat and scratch-resistant. A granite countertop is quite durable and can persist for quite a while. A granite countertop won’t go out of style as well as granite slab installation will considerably boost the real value of your home. The disadvantages? Apart from the cost, granite is really a natural stone which is porous. A sealer will be needed to avoid staining. One choice is to utilize granite tiles rather than a gigantic slab. The cost-savings in the tiles is large. ( we did a summary of Quartz vs Granite here)


Besides granite, there are many other different rock surfaces that may be utilized on kitchen counters. Marble is cool and sleek, ideal for food preparations on top. It is not as lasting as granite and demands more sealing maintenance to shield from staining. Slate is quite tough and has such a distinctive area it may actually stick out in a kitchen. It does not demand as much sealing protection, as slate was utilized for a roofing material, however, some care remains needed. Limestone is quite porous and spills should be medicated immediately to stop staining. It’s a natural, weathered appearance that may darken and deepen with time. Engineered quartz is gaining popularity too, but the prices are significantly more (engineered components are a quartz composite product combined with polymers, epoxy, and little rocks or pebbles for a distinctive feel and look.)


It is available in a tremendous assortment of colours, forms, and styles. The porcelain tiles are generally costlier compared to the ceramic tiles, however the porcelain tiles fired variety of tiles as well as the hardest are somewhat more lasting. Disadvantages of tile? It may chip easily, more pricey than laminate choices, as well as the grout is a problem. It’ll need a lot more care to ensure it stays looking great. Due to the total price, the power for those tiles to chip and break easily, as well as the grout problems, it’s a good idea to make the setup function to an expert.


Concrete isn’t limited to sidewalks or drives. Concrete is fairly porous and must be regularly sealed, much like granite, to resist stains. It may be produced into any form and have some depth. Concrete scratch-resistant and can also be heat. The counters could be created in a myriad of colours and textures. Disadvantages on concrete? The sealer that’s required is only one defense needed. You can’t cut to the concrete surface without making marks. Concrete can also be quite pricey.

Top Reasons To Select Quartz Countertops Over Granite

There has been heated debate over the merits of both quartz and granite countertops with each side digging in over which is the best choice for Ottawa residents. Combine this with all the misinformation available online and the waters are muddy to say the least. For anyone looking to renovate their kitchen and replace countertops in Ottawa, here is a quick rundown of the reasons you should go with quartz over granite.

  1. The selection is much higher when it comes to different colours and textures. Unlike granite, it is not brought out of the ground as one piece, so time and care has been put in to make sure the selection matches the markets demands.
  2. Quartz is also known as engineered stone, which is well known for its durability and stain-resistant characteristics. Long story short, it’s going to stand up to the abuse kitchen countertops take in Ottawa, especially with all the parties and other social functions that revolve around a busy kitchen.
  3. Finally, the price is less expensive when compared to granite, while offering many of the same benefits and more. So if your installing this countertop material to raise the value of your home, you may want to think about selling it based on the functionality that comes with quartz versus the luxury and maintenance associated with granite.